What can you hope to read in The Speaker’s Chair?

The Hopper derives its name from the little wooden box in the U.S. House of Representatives where House members drop a bill in for consideration.  This section of the site establishes commentary and thoughts on a variety of topics related to politics, including national issues and the prevailing problems and successes of West Virginia.  These posts will remain on the site indefinitely and are open for comment!  

Markup Sessions in Congress have our representatives reviewing the bills and editing them appropriately.  Here, this includes reviews and ratings of books, films, television, and yes, coffee shops!  What adult doesn’t require a daily infusion of black gold?  Additionally, Western society has always valued story telling and our forms of relaying those stories.  These tell us about who and why we are what we are.

The Gavel is wielded by the Speaker of the House to maintain order and decorum.  This section focuses on unique people who appear prominently in society — for good or for ill.

Did you know? is a segment which addresses weird and quirky facts or stories from history which you might not know. Impress your friends, answer clues on Jeopardy!, or inform yourself for the sake of knowing.

The Speaker’s Chair is the seat of power in the House of Representatives, where the most powerful figure of the chamber presides over the proceedings. I can’t claim any power over a legislative body, but I can tell you about myself and what I’m all about.